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Fly for STEAM Africa Campaign
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The “Fly for STEAM” Africa campaign is aimed at exposing and encouraging girls to consider careers in the STEAM field with a focus on aviation and space. During the campaign, the team flies around the continent in a small aeroplane, to reach 500 000 girls in Africa. Girls need to see real female role models who participate in the STEAM subjects.

Loss of female interest in the STEAM field can be partially halted by simply exposing girls to other women who are in the field.
Aviation and Space Camp
The foundation hosts aviation and space camp each year. During the aviation and space camp, the learners use design thinking and technology to invent, build and present solutions to current challenges in the aviation and space industry.

The objectives of the aviation and space camp:

  • Create an environment where learners from diverse backgrounds, with a common interest in aviation and space, can meet and engage.
  • Provide a fun, yet educational programme, allowing the learners to discover more about aviation and space opportunities.
  • Encourage learners to pursue STEAM-related careers
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STEAM Workshop
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We host aviation and space workshops for both school and post-school learners with different themes in partnership with different organisations. The type of workshops we host are as follows:

  • Design thinking.
  • Robotics and Coding.
  • Emerging technology in the aviation and space industry.
  • Career and personal development.
  • Introductory flights.
  • Girls in aviation day.
  • Online aviation courses.
Maker Spaces
Maker spaces are multifunction spaces were learners could gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover all sort of things using different materials (“Learning through doing). Start a STEAM club in your school or community. You will get access to students’ resources on our resource hub

Start a Club

Scholarship and Mentorship Programmes
We support the next generation through our mentorship and Scholarship programme. Our mentorship matches up student with mentors in the aviation and space industry to advise and assist in career-development. We will be offering scholarships and other skills development programmes. GFPA’s scholarships will directly support the professional development of women who intend to follow a career in the STEAM field with a focus on aviation and space.
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Programmes with Impact Partners
Airbus Little Engineer Programme
GFPA Foundation partnered with Airbus Little engineer programme to present Space Workshops in South Africa. The programme is a robotic workshop offered by Airbus Foundation for learners aged 11+ in the MENA region and now in Africa, to instil in youth the passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as space and the industry behind the space.

This workshop aims to introduce the students to the world of robotics generally and especially the space industry. The students will be acquainted with the Arianne 5 rocket covering its design, and abilities. This workshop will explain the whys and the how’s of reaching Mars using top-notch technologies in power, telecom and space rockets.

For more information about the Airbus Foundation.

For more information about The Little Engineer.

The Aeronautical Society of South Africa
GFPA Foundation has partnered with The Aeronautical Society of South Africa for Model aeroplane building challenge as part of the STEAM club.

The Aeronautical Society of South Africa (AeSSA) is a fully-fledged Division of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RaeS). Through its long and distinguished history (established in 1866), the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) with headquarters in London has evolved as THE global focal point for the entire aerospace community. With a membership approaching some 20 000 worldwide, the Society has Divisions and Branches spread around the globe and accommodates all individuals and companies associated with and having an interest in aerospace.

Click for more information on The Aeronautical Society of South Africa

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