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ALUMNI STORIES: Uveshni Naicker

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My name is Uveshni Naicker and I am currently a flight attendant for FlySafair. Growing up, my passion for Aviation grew greater as the years went by. GFPA and SAWIA afforded me the amazing opportunity of attending their Aviation and Space Camp in 2013.

It was there where I was further inspired by so many women in Aviation. I also got to fly in a flight simulator for the very first time, earlier that year. Of course, like most people, finance was not just readily available.

I got a full time 6-day job while studying for my cabin crew course and my psychology degree. It took a lot of will-power, dedication, and sacrifices. But I persisted and a while later got a job as a flight attendant. I thoroughly enjoy my job and I would not have it any other way. I have grown a lot in this field and everyday arises a new challenge. I recently saved man on my flight who was having a stroke. He sent a letter of appreciation to my company and my company published an article about myself in their in-flight magazine.

Every day, I can see how the growth and acceptance of women is increasing in this male dominated field and I could not be prouder of our female power. The best part of my job is the amazing views you get to see from 35 000ft, the different people you get to interact with daily and of course, the daily challenges that make you a better and stronger person every day. Oh, and not to forget meeting celebrities and international travellers. Working for a company such as FlySafair is also another bonus! I one day hope to inspire and help young ladies with way GFPA and SAWIA has done for me.

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