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My name is Chrystal Mbu and I am currently doing my 4th year in MBChB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery). I attended the 2014 GFPA Space and Aviation camp and it was one of the 3 high school experiences that inspired me. I remember back in 2014 I was doing grade 10 and I was not too sure what I wanted to pursue after high school.

The camp experience was great and well-rounded. We did a lot of fun STEM-related activities and this sparked my interest for all things STEM-related. I was inspired to see women who are confident game changers and were not afraid to reach for their dreams. We were privileged to have awesome camp leaders who offered guidance even after the camp.

In grade 11 I started to realize that I wanted to be someone who uses STEM to make a positive impact in the world around me and after much research, I decided that medicine would be the best starting point for me.

I am currently studying MBChB at the University of Pretoria. I am also involved in community engagement (I am part of the medical students’ executive committee and other student societies) and I plan to do further research in STEM and Social Sciences to find new ways to do things and possible solutions to problems we face as a continent – one community at a time, one girl at a time.


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