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ALUMNI STORIES: Thorisho Kgomo

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My name is Thorisho Kgomo, I am a 21-year-old lady from Limpopo, and I study Forensic Accountancy at the North-West University.

Aviation has been like a dream triggered by experience for me. As a girl who joined a military-lite and aviation school in grade 11, I became encouraged to have an influence in the aviation industry.With that said, I have no other choice but to notice what the aviation world had done for me. Aviation is an industry that is very influential in understanding the principle of reaching higher heights, physically and in attaining one's dreams. Learning about the aviation industry for the very first time at an aviation camp that GFPA  put together, contributed hugely on the love I have for planes, let alone the dream I still have of becoming a pilot.

Besides aviation and accounting, my biggest contribution goes towards community development. I strive to change people's lives but most important to HELP PEOPLE HAVE AN INFLUENCE ON OTHERS. I founded a campaign named Youth Development Campaign (YDC), which particularly deals with issues concerning the youth, such as teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, academic depression, cyberbullying and more that are brought to our attention. I am a very compassionate person who seeks to help make a difference. I believe that in everything and anything that we choose to do, we need to spread love, peace, and kindness to those around us.

With that said, I am also a firm believer of dreams delayed are not dreams denied and although I am studying accounting, my dream towards becoming a pilot was and will never be far-fetched. After all, there is nothing wrong with a queen who understands the essence of proper timing and alignment.The aviation industry needs more women to take over their power through the ambition and love we have towards flying.


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