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"Invest, support and promote innovative solutions to social challenges in Africa"
Who we are
GFPA Global fund was created in 2019 to mobilize, invest and support GFPA foundation and Partner organisations in Africa. The fund aims to carry out GFPA Foundation's vision of creating an Africa where every girl is educated, included and empowered”.
The Global fund works with the foundation and our partner organisations to make a lasting change in our communities and around the world. We support #SDG4, #SDG5, #SDG8, #SDG9, #SDG10 and #SDG17
What we do
We raise money through various initiatives and invest in an Annual and Endowment fund. 
Annual Fund
The Annual Fund, a short-term investment, is the primary source of funds that support The GFPA Foundation’s programs and areas of focus. 
Endowment Fund
We have created an endowment by preserving a portion of the funding allocated to the foundation, trust and funding raised through donations, services rendered and online store with a prospect of growing the investment fund for social investment initiatives in perpetuity.
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